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Caribbean Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Livelihoods, is the region’s premier social and economic development resource and entrepreneurship organization, focused on getting young and mature males & females to become entrepreneurial, resilient citizens, whether through starting and growing their businesses or as more engaged/productive citizens.  

The organization is a force for good, focused on providing incubator/accelerator services/programmes, co-sharing /working space as well as workforce and leadership development.  The CoESL helps to inculcate the “leaving no one behind” model.  We focus on Developing People, Preserving the Planet, Maintaining Peace and Building durable Partnerships, (4P’s).

Working with approved implementing partners, regionally and globally, who are selected by the Centre, based on Credibility, Competence, Connections and Confidence, CoESL, is tackling the root causes of poverty, climate change, inequality and injustice. This force for good and partners ares focused on infecting the world, by equipping people with skills, technological know-how, broad based knowledge, value-added connections, attitudes and behaviours to catapult them into decent, sustainable jobs.  

 The CoESL serves entrepreneurs by providing incubator and accelerator services as well as co-working spaces.

 The CoESL serves its partners by providing leadership, value-added connections, resource mobilization, standard setting, capacity and institutional development and quality control.

Where we are located

Dayrell's Road
Christ Church

Opening hours:

You can come in and see us from 9am to 4:30pm. From Monday to Friday.